Today I completed a year of counseling with Mindful Solutions. I was very fortunate to be assigned to Allison Berrios. Allison's expertise is with mainly children, which might explain why this 60+ retired curmudgeon (Cranky troll like creature) was assigned to her. Whatever the reason I am extremely grateful to whomever it was that made that decision. Allison is an amazing person first, which I am convinced makes her so very good at her job.

During hours upon hours of therapy she never once made me feel like I was really in therapy. She had a way of making me feel like we were just two friends talking over a cup of coffee. Never once did I feel like I was being analyzed, she has a very comforting manner and personality.

Thank you Allison, you put this old man back on track and if I should for any reason should derail I'll will definitely seek you out for your expertise.
To anyone wondering if this is the place for you, if this old man's opinion matters you can stop your search.


I do not have the words to express how Thankful I am that I found Mindful Solutions. After years of going to mental health offices I had given up that I would ever find an office that truly cared and listened to their patients till I started going to Mindful Solutions. I have searched for years for a Psychiatrist Office that gives the time and truly cares about their patients well being and most important really listens to what there patient says. As a Patient of Dr Schuman's I can say that he is extremely knowledgeable, caring, He is very easy to talk to which is really important to me and have had some good laughs talking with him. After years of searching I finally found Mindful Solutions everyone there makes you feel comfortable and treats you as a person. I knew without a doubt after my 1st appt that they were exactly what I have been looking for and feel so lucky to have found them. As a patient at Mindful Solutions I would strongly recommend anyone looking for mental health care to give them a call, I honestly feel they are the best Mental Health practice I have been to.


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