Today I completed a year of counseling with Mindful Solutions. I was very fortunate to be assigned to Allison Berrios. Allison's expertise is with mainly children, which might explain why this 60+ retired curmudgeon (Cranky troll like creature) was assigned to her. Whatever the reason I am extremely grateful to whomever it was that made that decision. Allison is an amazing person first, which I am convinced makes her so very good at her job.

During hours upon hours of therapy she never once made me feel like I was really in therapy. She had a way of making me feel like we were just two friends talking over a cup of coffee. Never once did I feel like I was being analyzed, she has a very comforting manner and personality.

Thank you Allison, you put this old man back on track and if I should for any reason should derail I'll will definitely seek you out for your expertise.
To anyone wondering if this is the place for you, if this old man's opinion matters you can stop your search.


I do not have the words to express how Thankful I am that I found Mindful Solutions. After years of going to mental health offices I had given up that I would ever find an office that truly cared and listened to their patients till I started going to Mindful Solutions. I have searched for years for a Psychiatrist Office that gives the time and truly cares about their patients well being and most important really listens to what there patient says. As a Patient of Dr Schuman's I can say that he is extremely knowledgeable, caring, He is very easy to talk to which is really important to me and have had some good laughs talking with him. After years of searching I finally found Mindful Solutions everyone there makes you feel comfortable and treats you as a person. I knew without a doubt after my 1st appt that they were exactly what I have been looking for and feel so lucky to have found them. As a patient at Mindful Solutions I would strongly recommend anyone looking for mental health care to give them a call, I honestly feel they are the best Mental Health practice I have been to.


I am the mother of four children who had their world turned upside down during a divorce. Not only were they going through regular life struggles for kids - hormones, teenage drama, boyfriend/girlfriend, anxiety about school/sports participation, now they had to contend with a very high conflict divorce. Each one of my children was struggling with different issues as a result. Dana was able to earn their trust and give them a safe place to express their feelings. They learned that talking to a counselor did not mean something was wrong with them or that they were "crazy." Some sessions involved the children together, other times individually. I asked my kids to give me a chance to find someone that would help them, and I am so grateful that I found Dana at Mindful Solutions.


I have completed a year and a half with Allison Berrios as my counselor. I met Allison during one of the worse times in my life. I have been to counseling many times for the same matter over the course of time. (I am 59 years old). During the year and half there were plenty of times where it was hard for me to get myself in to see her knowing we were going places that were so deep in my memory for so long I knew I didn't want to visit. Allison made it safe for me if I couldn't talk about that particular subject that day we didn't. What we did most of the time was EMDR things came to the surface that was hard to deal with but each week we worked on them. When I went to Allison I already had been diagnosed with PTSD from my childhood. I no longer suffer from this and feel that I will never need counseling for this PTSD that I suffer all my life. I thank Allison for her knowledge, her kindness and helping me to be a whole person. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. I thank God, the Universe for bring me to Allison


I want to express how much Mindful Solutions has changed and impacted me. I have been in and out of therapy for my entire adult life. With the help of Allison and EMDR, I have been given a new life. For the first time in my life, I have made peace with my childhood traumas and am experiencing true freedom. If you have doubts, do some research first. I did. . The science and evidence behind EMDR is all there. Allison is a gifted and amazing therapist. This therapy has accomplished in months what I have been attempting to do for years. Deciding to do this is absolutely one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Thank you, Allison!


Leora has been very helpful in getting me through a very difficult time. I've come a long way with her help. Leora is patient, resourceful, understanding, flexible, and a great listener . I have many tools in my tool box thanks to Leora to conquer whatever life throws at me!


Susan Taylor and the Mindful Solutions practice have saved my life. I can't say enough how welcoming the entire practice is as well as the decor of the office. It's not like walking into a doctors office, more like walking into a friends house. A sense of safeness comes over me. Dana is wonderful all around. If I could give 10 stars I would!!


This place is amazing. I went to other places for trauma therapy, but nowhere helped the way they did at Mindful Solutions. They even suggested resources for funding through the victim compensation program. They are caring, hard-working individuals.


Mindful Solutions is with out a doubt the best practice ever. They are very helpful and caring. Dr Schuman is extremely knowledgeable, very easy to talk too and truly listens to his patient's needs.


This place is awesome! Everyone is super helpful and understanding. The doctor is great, easy to talk to, and is very knowledgeable. Susan at the front desk is super awesome as well, she helped me out a ton with a certain situation I was dealing with. Will definitely continue coming here and recommending it to anyone who's seeking a psychiatrist or counseling.


Very caring people!


This is by far the best place I have EVER gone to. From my therapist Leora Sabanski to my psychiatrist Dr. Schuman and the owner Susan Taylor. I have had many therapists in my life and never stuck with one as long as I have with my therapist now. I have also had issues with doctors listening to me in the past and Dr. Schuman has always taken the time to listen to me and my concerns and has made me feel like he truly cares about what I have to say and I can come to him with any issues I'm having without judgement. He has helped me tremendously and I cant thank all of them enough.


I've only had the most positive interactions with Dr. Schuman. He's very personable and a good listener. I really appreciate his measured approach, I highly recommend him!


I've been seeing Dr. Schuman for 3 years, he has helped me through some rough times. He is very sympathetic and understanding and listens to everything you say. I would recommend him 100% to anyone.


Do you believe in miracles? Well I do. Well, let me say NOW I do, after seeing what EMDR therapy can do. No seriously, I know what your thinking "what could staring at lights going back and forth possibly do for me?" Well, in word, EVERYTHING! Im not saying there isn't any work involved, what Im saying is EMDR made it possible to bridge the gap between both my conscious and sub-conscious experiences. First, I learned there is a big difference between how my sub-conscious mind interpreted my experience and how my conscious mind interpreted those same experiences. Second, I learned to trust my GOD gifted therapist to walk with me through the re-framing of these experiences. What I thought was a hardwired interpretation of my experiences, with no hope of resolution, turned out to be quite the opposite. It turns out, EMDR allowed me to view my experiences within my conscious mind while using my conscious logical mind to work through a resolution. Words cannot possibly explain the freedom EMDR can provide. However, its not easy, but the work is so worth it. Please, give yourself the gift of freedom, and begin this work immediately, your life can really begin again. Its true.. Oh, by the way, Allsion is the GOD gifted therapist that has been walking with me through this journey. Her compassion, understanding, ability to listen non-judgmentally and indestructible support are GOD given gifts that she so passionately gives away. Than you Allison for helping me discover a person within me that I never knew existed. On behalf of GOD, myself and my family thank you for saving my life.

I have been coming to Mindful Solutions for 4 years now. They have taken care of both me and my teenage daughter. The whole staff is very knowledgeable, professional and just plain wonderful.
Susan the owner is the nicest and most professional person.
April the receptionist is the sweetest and most accommodating person.
Joanne the therapist is kind, understanding, patient and helpful.
And finally, Dr. Schuman is pleasant, knowledgeable and has been extremely helpful in all aspects of mental health.
Great experiences for both of us all around.
Would HIGHLY recommend this practice to anyone in need of help.


I have been going to Dr. Schuman for 2 years now and he far exceeds any of my former psychiatrist. Having ADHD effect every aspect of my life was traumatic; especially while being a young mom, and college student. Dr. Schuman was the first dr who didn't just write a script and send me out the door. My appointments are always very detailed, he pays attention to what works for me, and works with me on tweaking medication if needed. He asks questions about my day to day, and really listens. I feel more regulated and comfortable then I've ever been before. The owner and the receptionist are also wonderful. They're the kindest ladies, and go out of their way to make sure I'm getting the right experience. I usually suffer from anxiety attacks at doctors offices but I feel very safe, and well heard at the this office. The owner has been so kind to work out payment plans with me when I was financially struggling. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a therapist or a psychiatrist to come to mindful solutions.


I've only had the most positive interactions with Dr. Schuman. He's very personable and a good listener. I really appreciate his measured approach, I highly recommend him! Update, continued excellent support from Dr. Schuman, I have made a ton of progress personally and professionally with his support and guidance. I cannot recommend him enough!


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