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  • Autism New Jersey is a great resource, as they are a statewide network of parents and professionals dedicated to improving lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. They provide parent trainings, as well as other resources and referrals. You can call their hotline (800.4.AUTISM) or visit their website for more information.
  • NJ Resource Guide which can help her find many local resources, including parent trainings. Click on the link, then select a category and enter your zip code to find the resources closest to your area. In particular, she may want to look under "School Age - Ages 5-22" for parent training opportunities, or under "Community and Support Network" for other local supports.
  • 100 Day Kit. This is a great introduction to the world of autism, designed for parents who have just received their child's diagnosis. However, it may also be a useful resource for those unfamiliar with autism.
  • Autism Family Services of New Jersey
  • Parents of Autistic Children
  • Faces for Autism
  • Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation
  • Online caregiver course available through AGI/Houlton Institute- this provides evidence-based practices for those who support the daily-living needs of adolescents, young adults and adults with autism.
  • NJ's Parent Training and Information Center for additional local supports
  • For many other resources go to Autism Speaks website - take a look at our Resource Library and Family Services Tool Kits for much more information

Chronic Fatigue

Dissociation and Traumatic Stress

American Psychological Association's Disaster Response Network

  • Website

    Disaster Response Network professionals engage in a crisis response to disasters. Resources include trauma response guidelines and self care resources.

American Red Cross

  • Website

    Organization responds to the immediate needs of crisis/trauma survivors. Training for professionals to become first responders provided by Red Cross.

EMDR International Association

  • Website

    Organization for professionals who use EMDR.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

  • Website

    An international collection of studies, research and education regarding trauma. Organization is responsible for the publication, Journal of Traumatic Stress. Includes membership opportunities. Also provides guidelines for treatment of trauma.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

  • Website

    Program works to educate professionals and nonprofessionals about trauma and evidenced based practices for trauma interventions. Site provides definitions of different types of trauma and evidence based practice resources.

Sidran Institute: Traumatic Stress Education and Advocacy

  • Website

    An international non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals, professionals and communities. The Institute works to provide education and resources related to trauma informed care. Additional information is offered regarding dissociation and co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse.

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

  • Website

    Association dedicated to research and education on trauma and dissociation. Includes extensive resources for professionals such as literature and trainings. An informative FAQ section and information for clients. Additionally, an extensive list of additional electronic resources.

The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute

  • Website

    The Center is a treatment and training center founded by Dr. van der Kolk internationally renowned expert in trauma. Trainings are provided for practitioners, resources to evidenced based methods and recent research. Also provides direct services to trauma survivors.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs: National Center for PTSD

  • Website

    Information for survivors and providers. Information on veteran’s benefits. Resources for PTSD diagnosis. Extensive information regarding PTSD such as the neurobiology of PTSD information and resources for PTSD interventions.

Sexual Abuse Resources

Sleep Hygiene Resources