What We Do

Mindful Solutions NJ, LLC is an organization that developed from a passion for the healing on mental health suffering. Specializing in trauma, our job as therapists is to help those affected by psychological trauma understand that they are not to blame; they are not responsible for the bad things that happened to them as a children. Nor are they responsible for the personal problems that developed as a result. What they are responsible for is fixing those problems. This can only be done by bravely facing the past, identifying the effects the past has had on the present and working through all the painful emotional baggage that is sure to come up as a result. It isn't easy to work through this baggage but your reward for all the hard work is a successful and satisfying life. You are able to love and be loved; to feel joy and contentment and generally be free of anxiety and depression. Your symptoms are not who you are, they are what we need to work on together so you can live a full happy life. The following are effective strategies we offer to assist you on your path to well-being.


EMDR therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Sand Tray therapy, and EFT (emotionally focused therapy) for couples are at the core of our integrated clinical services to clients needing assistance for healthier functioning in their daily lives. We provide a variety of therapeutic interventions to assist clients of all ages in achieving their therapy goals in a private practice setting. Therapy is provided to individuals and families for a broad range of presenting issues and concerns, including anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, work concerns, behavioral problems or other areas negatively impacting a person's quality of life.


Dr. Schuman provides psychotherapy and psychopharmacology to adults, age 18 and older, for a wide range of psychiatric symptoms and disorders; excluding opioid and substance related disorders.

Intensive In Community Counseling (IIC)

IIC service is an incisive, goal oriented, and needs based clinical intervention that addresses emotional and behavioral challenges of youth with moderate to high needs. It may be provided in a youth's home or in an amenable community location by a licensed behavioral health clinician and is intended to stabilize and support the youth and family in an effort to deter more intensive interventions and to support the youth and family in collaboration with the Child Family Team or identified support system. This is a short-term, solution focused intervention that addresses presenting behaviors resulting in the youth and her/his family/care giver/guardian gaining insight and improving function at home and in the community. Youth and families are eligible to receive IIC services if they are receiving Care Management or MRSS services through NJ Children's System of Care.

If you believe your family can benefit from this service and you are not already connected to the mentioned resources, you can call Perform Care of New Jersey to speak to one of their representatives about scheduling an assessment.

Intuitive Eating/Nutritional Counseling

Focuses on Emotional Eating, Eating Disorders, and Mind-Body Nutrition which includes holistic nutrition, stress management, and mindfulness. Intuitive Eating is about helping people overcome disordered eating and food addictions by helping them heal body image issues and learn how to eat without guilt or shame. This approach is based on three key principles: helping people give up dieting for good by teaching them how to listen to and respect their bodies, discover how to heal underlying issues and cope with negative emotions without using food, and identify and change negative thought patterns in order to create a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body.


Hypnotherapy is for individuals who are ready for change. It utilizes hypnosis, a natural state of mind in which individuals experience a heightened state of awareness. During hypnosis, the body and mind are in a relaxed state. This allows the subconscious mind to become receptive to positive suggestions and allows individuals to access healing resources within themselves. Through the process of hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind is re-educated to adopt new higher quality beliefs. Once the subconscious mind accepts these beliefs as true,
individuals see positive improvements in life and are able to resolve issues and reach goals quickly.